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Expertise and skills

Discover enterprise IT areas where can augment your existing IT operations organization.


Enteprise storage & backup

Our staff has years of experience with various enterprise NAS, SAN or object storage systems from all major vendors. can assist your organisation with daily operations, engineering, migrations, installations, performance analysis, capacity planning, incident management, etc..

Virtualization and containers

Our team provides expertise in linux and windows virtualisation using vmware, kvm or hyper-v platforms. We will help you adopt and manage new serverless computing paradigm using docker, openshift or kubernetes platforms.


Hybrid cloud

Our team can help your organisation adopt the hybrid cloud. We bring expertise on how to combine your on-premises infrastructure with public or private clouds of your choice.

Tools and automation development can help you develop custom tools  needed for daily IT operations, custom reports, monitoring sensors, proactive analytics tools. Our team can assist in deploying modern automation tools such as Ansible, Puppet or Chef.

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